The 2100 Mural Project : ONE is bringing a unique urban mural to the community. This will provide an outstanding opportunity for local artists to promote their work on a grand scale!  The canvas for the project is a 6′ tall corrugated metal fence which runs the perimeter of 2100’s property, and is privately owned by them.  The installation’s longevity is controlled solely by 2100.  Located less than a mile from the Arboretum at White Rock Lake, the mural will be publicly visible from Lakeland Drive year-round at no charge.  Because the mural project is on 2100 property, future hosted events will further benefit the mural’s exposure to the public.

The first phase of The 2100 Mural Project consists of painting 460 feet of fence, to be created by local artists in approximately 18 foot sections.

Television, print and online media coverage is in place, and will be utilized for the event.  A public reception will be held at 2100 upon completion of the project.

The City of Dallas’ Cultural Affairs, and City Plan Commission are in support of The 2100 Mural Project : One and its future expansion.


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What a year so far!

Since October of last year, we’ve been very happy with the substantial increase in activity at 2100.   Our decision to work with Airbnb and other online connections has lead to a monthly increase in our film and event bookings, and future bookings and projections are very strong.  We’re in the middle of a great 2016, with a promising 2017 ahead!

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